Michel Montecrossa says:
“‘Talkin’ Somalia Famine’ is a New-Topical-Song about the need to help and save humanity through a united effort for progress and peace. While the power-war between banka-gangstas and polito-corruptos unfolds the people of the world increasingly lose their freedom and their very life basis. The famine and war in Somalia is real suffering that will spread all over the world if the hardening arrogance of the privileged few does not yield to the need of the people. It is not greed, war and tyranny that help and save. It is the living celebration of humanity that helps and saves. ‘Talkin’ Somalia Famine’ was recorded live on Friday, 29th July during my opening concert at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2011 in Mirapuri, Italy.”

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I’m not the one who talks about nothing. / Famine is there and the rich get ugly. / The banka gang in a minute can solve / the problem of money for saving lost souls.
Somalia Famine is the future world / if not all of us yell for change. / The wealthy own militia and every horror. / They own our hunger but don’t own our souls.
Somalia Famine is the woman alone. / Hungry she walks, on her back a dead son. / Her belonging, you know, is she alone. / Ackermann is watchin’ her on TV at home.
I’m not the one who talks about nothing. / Famine is there and rape and killing. / The earth is turning into a dark place / and I cry with the millions, / want to help, want to save.
Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa © Mira Sound Germany

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