created by fotomokio

music by gaucho gypsy jazz

colored by Dzung Duong

"I love the simplicity of making jam - not so much the process, but the idea that if a tree produces delectable fruit for only a few short weeks, capturing that flavor to enjoy the rest of the year is the right thing to do! In my experience growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, fruit trees in the average person's backyard are a sadly underutilized resource. I love taking something I already have and finding a new & noble purpose for it, and that's really how I view jam making. It's resourcefulness with a delicious reward!

When it comes to the art of actually crafting the jam, I love experiencing the uniqueness of each fruit up close. From how it hangs on the tree or bush, it's color & scent (and how that changes throughout the process of pitting, chopping, mashing and heating the fruit) and finally its striking hue behind glass when it's ladled into the jars. The most satisfying sound a jam maker can hear is the "pop" of the seal, which tells you every burst of flavor in that jar is tucked away, safe, the middle of winter, the urge for a tart plum arrives!"

-Indelisa Montoro (owner of Royal Bloom Boutique/preservist)

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