While in Jamaica for Tiffany and Ryan's wedding we met Slick, an entertainer at the resort who was also one of the biggest Reggae singers in the country. We tossed the idea to him that he sing a song for Tiff and Ryan, and we record it and use it as part of their love story. He came out for their engagement shoot and we thought we would spend a couple hours also shooting him with the intent of throwing something together.

Shot with a 5D, mostly handheld, and edited in a 24P timeline. I graded all of the footage to match between cams and lighten some of the blacks from the 5D. We found it quickiest to reencode the 5D footage before starting to work with it. We also had a regular cam on a steadicam. Shot over 2 hours with no storyboard or pre-planning- just blasting the song out of his CD player over and over.

Shot with a 50 f1.4, 70-200 f2.8, 135 f2, and 45mm Tilt shift. Used the 16-35 f2.8 the most though.

Konrad did most of the editing on this piece, so you may notice his 'signature' fast cutting.

We showed an alternate version at their reception which had Tiff and Ryan featured within the clip. Here is the radio edit for Slick.

We will have a more detailed review of the shoot on our blog coming soon for those interested in what we found to be the major advantages and drawbacks to the 5D. We also used the cam for their wedding two days later.


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