'The Fickle' a short film for USA Network's Character Project brought to you by Native Pictures at nativeusa.com

In this hilarious look at modern romance, a young woman relives twelve failed love affairs, all in one dizzying morning. As her ex-partners flit in and out of her life in one unbroken shot, each interaction shows signs of the relationships' demise, capturing the humor, hope, and disappointment that the search for love so often brings.

Part of a collaboration with RSA Films, Native joined up with the USA Network for their 'Character Project.' Director Bryan Poyser explains his concept, "Perhaps like many people who have had trouble finding an ideal long-term partner, I've spent a lot of time mentally sifting through the wreckage of old loves, trying to figure out what went wrong, or exactly when I lost interest, or when they did. It was during one such recent personal archaeological dig that I came up with the idea for The Fickle - in one mesmerizing, un-broken take, a woman experiences 13 mornings with 13 former lovers all at the same time, losing herself in the question — has she just been too damn picky?

The Fickle stars Katie Aselton and includes a cameo by Director Bryan Poyser.

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