3 days ago, I went in search of dance classes to enroll in on a whim. Poledance, ballet, zumba came up in the search results. But so did Flamenco. Since I've always been intrigued by the prevailing scent of our Hispanic past, I called up the dance institute we have here in Manila and what I thought was a phone number listed as the studio's landline turned out to be the instructor's herself - Emma Estrada. She suggested that I attend her impromptu class and observe them first.

So that's what I did the day after that. And I dragged my friend, Erika, with me.

The footworks and hand coordination simply blew my mind away. The fiery that comes with the hand movements and the expressions driven by the energy and passion from within. How can a dance form be both brisk and sharp and still be feminine and sexy at the same time?!

What I saw in that class the other day sparked so much flame and curiosity in me that I simply had to go visit Instituto Cervantes with Erika, who enrolled in one of their classes, yesterday. I just had to see what was it about Spanish culture that can be so intriguing and dark and alluring in just about any point of contact. Here's a bit of that in this video, which was unfortunately taken by my camera phone.

More videos to come (with my 60d soon). I'm attending another one of her sessions tomorrow. Thank God I still have my tap dancing shoes from my freshmen year!

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