This is my first video in a long time, I've been busy. Anyways, I know it isn't my greatest, it was rushed. It's also my first video using Sony Vegas :) And it gave me hell to render, so the quality decreased a little...

This video was made for Legendland's Mini Big Bang Alt

This was originally going to be a strictly Denna video, but it somehow morphed into a Denna/Dennee 2.0 video. This, my friends, is a video of the most epic friendship that never actually happened, because my friend and I concocted the story lol. Denna is a Mord'Sith, and as you would know if you are a LotS fan, Mord'Sith and Confessors are sworn enemies. Dennee is a confessor, and through some strange twist of fate, the two discover a bond between them, an unexpected friendship.

I truly ship Dennea (that's the ship name we came up with for them) and there will be more videos for them...We're also writing a fanfiction about them, though in it, Dennee has a new body (again) which happens to be that of Lady Marian from Robin Hood. So crossover videos are to be expected.


SONG: Flowers for a Ghost
ARTIST: Thriving Ivory
FANDOM: Legend of the Seeker
CHARACTERS: Mistress Denna & Dennee Amnell (2.0)


In case you couldn't understand the dialogue for whatever reason, here it is:

DENNA: Friends are for the helpless.

DENNA: You think it's possible for me to become a better person?

DENNEE: When you need know where to find me.

DENNA: Everything's alright, I'm a friend.

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