Sources :
Vermona Lancet and his eurorack dock (kick and snare), Cwejman VM1. Livewire AFG and Tip Top Audio Z3000 controlled by the Doepfer Ribbon. Noises in background by ADDAC wavplayer and TTA Z-dsp.

Sequence :
TTA Z8000, Make noise René, Brains, 2 Pressure Points,
Doepfer Seq switch, clock divider, clock sequ,
intellijel uscale, , 4MS Shuffling Clock Multiplier and breakout.

Filter :
Doepfer A-107 and Make Noise QMMG.

Out :
QMMG, A-138 and A-134 VC Pan.

This is a quick test of the Canon 7D and Final Cut Pro X.

Also I did some photos, on my blog :

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