A quick test of what the 5DMKII looked like at extremely dark conditions - all shots were from a 70-200 f2.8L (non-is).

One thing I am quite disappointed in is the huge amount of moiré on the side of the A-B (+InBev hehe) plant. This camera simply wouldn't work for a typical news crew - even in a pinch if they ever planned to shoot a establishing shot of a brick building.

The noise is definitely there - but that’s gotta be a result of a relatively slow lens (f2.8 is not fast for video) and the extremely dark conditions.

Looking at the videos on my 50" plasma yielded excellent results - for some reasons computer monitors don't seem to give this camera the justice it deserves (Viewing it on a Dell 2407-HC just looks plain bad).

I picked up several fast Nikkor primes that I look forward to using in the future - however my Nikon F to Canon EF adapter hasn’t arrived yet.

Please comment =D

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