The story of a man who left French speaking West Africa as a boy and found his way in a strange new country.

Produced for "One Cubed", an international music video program.

Shot on the Silicon Imaging SI-2K with the help of Jason Rodriguez. We shot in Cineform Raw and converted to Pro Rez 422 (HQ) for post.

I cut it on FCP then did color correcting in Color. After color I did some final touches back in FCP with some 55MM plugins (digital film tools).

The workflow was pretty seamless.

The camera was a dream to use, and shooting raw gave me so much latitude in post. Black guys and white walls don't normally make good combinations, but I could get what I wanted pretty easily.

For the most part, we used available light and an occasional reflector. I think we also used a little jokerbug HMI in a couple of shots.

Billy is one of our producers, and a future film director, so he was great to work with, and understood what we were trying to do.

Language: French -- no subtitles

DP/Editor:K. Michael O'Neal
Producer:Morgan Pride

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