Source material for this video was an image sequence shot with a Nikon D90. The clouds were moving so quickly that even with shorter intervals (9 seconds; For a different timelapse I used 20 s which was still enough for the clouds there) the video was playing too fast.

slowmoVideo, an Open-Source program which I wrote as my bachelor thesis, can also load image sequences and calculate slow-motion videos from the images. In this case it is rather too fast -> normal speed though ;)

The comparisation part at the end was colour graded for easier distinguishing between the two videos.

If you have questions about slowmoVideo (using, compiling, etc.), please drop me a message on Google+.

Music by Stefano Mocini: A cat playing – Injustice

– Stefano Mocini:
– slowmoVideo:
– Google+ community:
– Original clips: and

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