I wasn't entirely sure how to approach this at first. I wanted to do something that brought together what I felt about the Brewer's Cup this year, what competing and eventually winning it meant to me. That was pretty complex, when I got down to it.

It involved excitement, amazement and much adrenaline at the time.

Afterwards though, it represented my first and so far only real engagement with coffee beyond my own kitchen, and it became that mythical past that I wished to return to someday.

This brought an element of sadness and loss, sappy I know, into the equation, and I wanted to capture that beside the feeling of pride and fond memories of the hard work and preparation that went into competing.

This is very self-indulgent and probably boring to most people, but it brings back many fond memories for me, which makes it more personal than general consumption.

All in all a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon

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