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Producer: Frank Bernal
Director: Richard Canfield

Director of Photography: Phillip James
Cinematography: Stephen Castro

Production Assistant: Lucero Salinas
Camera Operator: Andy Gonzales

Artwork & Layout: Chuck Kerr and Chris Maddin
Location Manager: Sameer Paya
Location Assistant: Libby Wardlaw

Collaboration between Quite Frankly Productions, Miranda Studios, Richard Canfield, and Phillip James.

Artist: Blowing Trees
Album: Wolf Waltz and the Big Nothing Now

All music by Chris Maddin, Drew Pierce, Roy Scavone, and Edwin Stephens
Produced, engineered, mix, and mastered by Blowing Trees and Jaime Rader at the Haunted Loft, The Tree House, and the House in the Bamboo, 2008-2011.

String and horn arrangements by Marcus Rubio and Blowing Trees. Live strings performed by Marcus Rubio, Meg Labasso, and Kira Bordelon. Keyboards by Blowing Trees with Chris Guerra and Rachel Taylor. Trombone by Ryan Teter.

"Special thanks to all of our families and all of our friends, especially Rene Martinez, Jaime Rader, Bryce Thompson, Marcus Rubio, Chuck Kerr, Frank Bernal, Kirish Dirkson, Erik Gustafson, Robert Sierra, Joe Cedillos, and everyone else who helped in the recording."

Also many thanks to you our fans for being patient as we worked on finalizing the music video for the amazing song, Howl Introductions.

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