Written by Mike Liffey
Directed by Layla O’ Mara
Featuring: Christopher Carroll and Bulraga
Music by Linda Buckley
Produced by Fionnuala Conway
Audio systems design: Enda Bates
Video systems design: Brian Solon
Video documentation camera ops: Eamonn Doyle - Mark Linnane - Kate McKeon
Presented by Trinity College Dublin as part of the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF) 2006

if() then() else() is a multimedia performance that combines traditional disciplines such as music, film and theatre, with technologies such as real-time video processing and multi-channel sound distribution. This performance is an adaptation of the video piece, if () then () else (), by Mike Liffey.

if ( ) then ( ) else ( ) uses aesthetic issues arising out of developments in image technology. One technological development of particular relevance to the piece is the contemporary phenomenon of encountering multiple streams of visual and auditory information through the computer interface. Software applications for work-related activity exist on the same interface as applications for leisure activity. Therefore a user will frequently oscillate between work and leisure mindsets, multitasking in a cognitive sense. This type of activity is analogous to the Brechtian spectator who ideally must be both engaged by and critically removed from a dramatic presentation. This computer aesthetic is used throughout the piece to reinforce the Brechtian idea that the spectator should oscillate between states of engagement and critical awareness.

This production is a result of collaborative research conducted by postgraduates and staff from the Music and Media Technologies, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and the School of Drama, Film and Music. The research collaboration explores a role for novel audio, music and imagery techniques in the creation and presentation of new drama and has been supported by Trinity College through a Research Capacity Building Award. The research has been coordinated by Prof Frank Boland of the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering. The production of if()then() else() is the first production arising from that research.


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