Violence 2011
By Vincent Grethen and the Summit's team


One topic, one thema, one word which is visible everyday. Wars, terrorism, fights in school, suicide, murders…this year, again, those words appears vey often in newspapers, internet or television. Why our society more and more modern is creating so many violence stories? Even sport today is related with death. For so many years now, football is victim of hooliganism. A phenomenon which is destroying a game and which could not have been stopped by local and international communities
This year is important and historical for the fight against hooliganism. Important especially for us involved in Youth International Media Summit in the city of Belgrade. 2011 represents the end of Brice Taton tragedy. The French football supporter who has been killed by Serbian hooligans from partisan Belgrade in September 2009. In January, His murderers have been sentenced to 4 to 35 years imprisonment resulting to the trial happened here in Belgrade, Serbia.
I have been shocked by this story, Serbian people have been affected as well. This justice decision wants to be an example in the football world to eradicate hooliganism. Does it it mean the beginning of changement? Do we find finally the solution? In my point of view it is not enough at all. Humanity needs tragedies to act. But we have to act before that people die. We can not accept that people die because of football Each of us should act before.
I m so passionate for this sport, and so many people as me go to stadiums because they love football, because they love their team. Feelings you get when you support a team can be amazing. You follow your team loosing winning, you see your best player scoring, you live the game, you are part of the game. It s not fake, it existing, . Football is not only related with violence, lies and money. It s passion and emotion
I want to protect this side of the sport. I want to feel safe in the city, around the stadiums. I want to share safe and nice rivality with supporters of the other team. I want to take pictures with them when they are going in my city. I don t want to see blood on the ball ANYMORE. I want stop it, people must stop it
Ten thousand policemen around the stadiums, security cameras in stadiums…are part of the game all the time. Unfortunately our society is using repression more than prevention. Justice and security are not the only good solutions. Social economic environment of supporters and hooligans should change, image of football should change. Capitalism society is creating more and more competition, football is also connecting with to much financial issue. We like to repeat that football is a game, maybe we should at first show to the supporters that football is still a game. Its becoming a game of another world which most of supporters don t belong to. Changing mentalities and image of this sport governing by money could make some supporters less violent. Society has responsibility but football instance have responsibility too

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