A clip from the series of short spots for the Manitoba Federation of Labour.

People are constantly busy. Busy doing. Busy producing. Busy consuming. There is political, economic and cultural cache attached to the sheer volume of work we get done, money we make and, in turn, the goods we acquire.

Productivity reigns, often at the expense of the household or the hobby. Our economy demands that humans be treated as capital. It demands the ravaging of resources, dual incomes, long commutes, over-40-hour workweeks, immigrants working even longer hours for less money.

But as part of the general and necessary shift in the direction of a work/life balance, comes a series of WORKLIFE videos advocating for a more humanizing work environment - a workplace that understands the need for its employees to see their families, to play with their kids, to go bowling, to read, to paint, to garden, to swim, to sing, to take care of their aging parents.

This is Kristin, a graduate student and platform diver.

Music is by Deadhorse Beats. Hear more here: youtube.com/user/DEADHORSEBEATS

(July 2011)

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