investing the space of our lobby area at Digital Kitchen, Seattle, during the first Hackathon night on the Friday 12th August 2011.
The sound is interpreted via a program that project the audio equalizer fitting-mapping the structure of the wooden wall that on the right of the lobby. At every moment, the general volume of the sound in the aera is represented by a vertical bar, that crosses the space, from the left to the right, maping each after an other each of the wooden bars composing the wall. From the street, or when you enter the space, you can see and play with a timeline of the sound volume generated, maping the wall its projected on.
I built the program in Max MSP, thank to the help of Ben Chaykin ! and Thank you Vik Sharma for shooting while the installation was up ! and Thank you Ashley Nieves for designing the cards for the edit !
music taken from YACHT - your magic is real

more projects of the night at

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