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As president of the united universe, I have modernized unemployment. All persons concerned receive a free cell phone. From now on, they can telephone worldwide and free of charge. In return, they have to wear it at all times. Embedded in this device are sensors which monitor bodily functions. The data it collects is used for scientific research. Sociologists analyze these figures in order to research the behavior patterns of jobless people. For every set of data the jobless person makes available to the scientists, he/she receives free calls from the network operator. These can be put on offer on the stock market. Thus, the jobless person becomes an entrepreneur.

With the data of one’s movements, the rent for a student’s apartment can be paid. If the jobless person wants to afford a three room flat, he/she has imply add the data on drinking and eating habits, which are controlled through a flavor analyzer which is built into the cell phone. Also integrated is sensor which reacts to the change of color of litmus paper. A small container holding supplies of the paper can easily be exchanged. In this way, a jobless father can cover the rent for the whole family.

Foodstuffs can be paid for by making data on one’s excrements accessible. Information on one’s conduct within society earn income for clothing and luxury goods. The alcohol- and tobacco-industry cover the costs for the consumption of their products. In case the jobless person accepts a job which can be monitored as well and which does not necessitate him/her to declare it, they will receive a bonus and can take a vacation – where they can increase their income by making the telephone calls made during that holiday available to market researcher. Data on everything that a jobless person does and experiences can be offered to social research and data on all that enters and leaves the body he/she can offer pharmaceutical research. One can become the proud owner of a car or even a spaceship if he/she reported on one’s behavior in nature.

A sick unemployed is regarded as a lazy bastard, while a person obstinately refusing to give information is left holding the shitty end of the stick.

In case somebody does not own a cell phone, I as the president have to take money for his/her food out of the funds for the nursing care insurance. As these resources belong to the comatose, the celly-less people are scorned by the jobless cell phone users. Many of them beaver away just to fall into a coma, because I then reward them with a house.

After a year of unemployment, a computer monitoring the behavior analyzes and evaluates especially the negative sides of the jobless person. If he/she is not willing to eliminate these, a small device administering electric shocks will be fitted into their cell phone. In case of abnormal behavior or consumption, the jobless person will be warned by these shocks. At first, they will be harmless. But their intensity will increase. Either the subject gets a grip on his/her addictions or perversions or permanent electroshocks will have them perform a spastic dance. By this constant twitching, the body charges the battery of self-destruction. This will then very soon lead to an unsentimental execution, similar to that on an electric chair. After it is over, the corpse will be monitored another three days by the cell phone, before being deradiated and handed over to the family, which is allowed to sell the corpse so through the protein granulate for the production of gene-altered flour can be made out of it, they can profit. I retain ownership of the cell phone.

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