The assembly festival in Graz is a showcase for designers during the design month in Graz.

In 2011 we were able to create a small and simple interactive installation for the local design agencie white elephant ( to present theit work at the festival.

As they were not able to show the whole bandwith of their work in the limited space, we created a portfolio application that showed some of the projects digitally.

We combined one of their objects – the wardrobe Swing-a-ding – with a projection of the work and an intuitive control.

A conductive fabric is used to create a control area with which the user can simply use pulling gestures to go to the next or the previous project. He just makes the gesture as if he was pulling down the cloth to see the next part.

To show the visitors, that this is not just a simple slideshow, we implemented a distance sensor so that the installation reacts to approaching or passing visitors.
First it just shows one big picture of the project and only by coming closer you get further information and pictures about it.

The project is created by:

Andreas Jain
Stefan Kuzaj (
Daniel Kwast (

In partnership with
white elephant Design Lab (

Created with:
Processing (
Arduino ( .

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