Is our big love on the wane?
Or is it wrapped up in vigor?
Two of us and a mirror, toothbrush in your face
Four of us splashing water, honoring what we've made
Don't be afraid
it's what we say
it's what we say

Started to feel it, starting to shake
I kiss you so strong, I'll bite off your face
Clutching at what we stand for, passionate ricochets
Clutching at this here war zone, bloodbath for a better day

Batteries break this institution
Swallow the grapes
Frisky inclusion
Won't be reduced to being an illusion

I love you, love you, i love you, love you
Watch you skating a figure 8
Clutching at what we stand for until the pedestal breaks
Coffee this morning killed your headache
I'll kill your headache
Don't be afraid
It's what we say
It's what we say
It's what we say

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