America: From The Ground Up! is a 4 x 60 documentary series that follows archaeologist and adventurer Dr. Monty Dobson as he digs into America's history- From the Ground Up. Available Spring 2014, AFTGU explores archaeological sites and uses those sites as touch points to tell a frontier history of North America. From the first settlers more than 10,000 years ago to the War of 1812 and from Quebec to New Orleans, around the Great Lakes, along the St Lawrence and Mississippi rivers, America: From the Ground Up! is history like you've never seen it before!

The series explores archaeological sites along the St Lawrence River, Upper Great Lakes and Mississippi River valley to tell the frontier history of America: From the Ground Up!. Out on the frontier, the story is as likely to be French or Spanish in nature as the East Coast is British. AFTGU focuses on the history told by the archaeology and bridges the divide between cultures of Native Americans and European settlers in what is now the US and Canada. AFTGU tells the story of an America that did not begin with the first Europeans, and argues that modern maps do not represent the shared history of North America as a place. Indeed, for much of the early European settlement period, the modern boundary between Canada and America did not exist. Instead, the region was home to Native peoples who did not recognize the European colonial possessions contested for by France, Spain and Britain. The series also reveals how truly intercultural the frontier experience was during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Episode Descriptions:
Episode 1: The Ancestors
Part 1: What The Ancestors Ate: Monty explores the world of the first humans in North America through the tools they made and food they ate to build up a picture of what life was like in America's interior 14,000 years ago! From hunting big-game with primitive weapons he has made, to roasting food in a prehistoric rock oven pit, Monty answers that age old question: what’s for dinner prehistoric style! Part 2: America’s First Civilization: In part 2 of the episode Monty explores world of the Mississippians and Cahokia, a city that was 3-5 times the size of Paris or London in the Middle Ages and searches for the remnants of the Mississippian Civilization across the Southeastern United States.

Episode 2: The Europeans
From Quebec to New Orleans, the archaeological history of European settlement of North America reveals the hidden secrets of the Fur Trade and the competition between the British and French to control it. Episode 2 follows Monty as he visits archaeological sites along the rivers and lakes of the continent's interior. There he finds clues to the conflict between the British and their Native American allies and the French and their Native allies that sparked the French and Indian War!

Episode 3: The Science of Archaeology.
In episode three Monty explores The Science of Archaeology. Monty interviews some of America's most renown archaeologists and uses demonstrations of the tools and techniques they use to uncover the past. From 3D underwater sonar mapping of shipwrecks on the Great Lakes to using ground penetrating radar and magnetic imaging to map Native American sites, Monty explores the fascinating science of archaeology beyond the point of a trowel. Archaeology: where history meets science in the dirt!

Episode 4: Revolution[s]:
On the frontier, America had more than one fight for independence from the British. In this episode Monty explores the archaeology and history of both American Revolutions. From the siege of Quebec to Benedict Arnold's daring naval retreat that saved the Colonial's hopes of victory to the dramatic battle on Lake Eire that made Oliver Hazard Perry famous and sealed American naval supremacy on the Great Lakes in the War of 1812, Monty investigates the archaeology of the struggle for supremacy on the frontier.

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