A stormy love story about a lost robot & a helpful squid.

Thank you to all the artists & interns who put this together!

You can check out the step by step making of the project at the link below

A short film by Rocketsheepstudio.com

Produced & Directed by Avid Liongoren
Story: Avid Liongoren & Paulle Olivenza
Art Director: April Fronda
Editor: Rivelle Mallari
Story Artists: April Fronda, Jepren Solis & Rivelle Mallari
Animatics: Jepren Solis, Leida Membrere, Reveleen Zuniga
Animators: April Fronda, Rivelle Mallari, Ricardo Malit, Hali Navarro, Jed Revita, Jether Amar & Jethro Razo
Compositors: Jether Amar, Jethro Razo, April Fronda, Rivielle Mallari
Sound Effects: Kit DeSilva & Diego Mapa
Music: Diego Mapa wix.com/diegomapa/home

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