So how many valuable minutes and precious resources have you used seeking a new edge, a new level, a new awareness, a breakthrough - only to find you’re still holding back from the life experience you truly desire?

This is why Vista Caballo Innovation Ranch in Colorado was created. At Vista Caballo, our teachers are horses. Not humans. Why? Because Horses can genuinely see something we typically can’t …our authentic selves. They respond to each of us in a brutally honest, instinctual manner and openly display the feelings that those around us often hide. In studying a horse’s reactions, we can fully understand how others perceive us.

Perception can be chosen and in the process of changing our perception we change our life experience. Vista Caballo opens you up to new perceptions. It’s name - from the perspective of the horse - was given because sometimes all we need is a simple shift in perspective to effect positive change.

As part of this season and in addition to our 20 Signature Experiences we have created several small group experiences for people who are really looking to change the way they look at things.

Following on from a phenomenal June weekend our next Horse+Woman Experience October 6th-9th 2011

The Native American Indians say -The Universe will rearrange itself to accommodate our perception of reality. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Are you so sure that a shift in your perspective can’t have sustainable change?

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