This work was part of a group project.
It was about setting up a 2x180° video panorama.
Made possible through 12 beamer projecting on a 50 meter screen.

For me the special things are two effects I developed for this vid:

"Z-to-space effect": the space dimensions width & height are interchanged with the dimension of time (Z). A camera simulation is moving inbetween.

" video-to-pixel effect": I use particle simulation to realize that every pixel consists of video itself. So dancing patterns can not only transform to the dancer itself but as well become more abstract shapes.

To better imagine it this link shows the effect:

A part of the source-footage you can find here:

The aim of this work is
shining a light on a breakdancer's mind...

Difficult on this work was the fact that the viewers angle is smaller than the width of the screen. The solution was to find the balance between atmospheric effects and focusing/ leading the eye above the surrounding screen.

Unfortunally its hard to catch the effect of a 12-beamer sphere on just one screen. Actually that means more than 90% of the effect is missing.

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