An abandoned concrete factory in Howth, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Abandoned several months ago and been itching to get in there and explore it every time I passed it on the train.

Couldn't be easier to get into, you just walk in off the street which is nice, you don't feel so guilty and worried that you're breaking the law. :)

The highlight is the main hangar like structure which still has it's huge cranes in place for lifting the concrete blocks they made. Lots of interesting little details around, old computers, leaflets for machinery, endless strands of cable and bits of broken parts. Some nice graffiti work in there too.

So if you're in the Howth area, I recommend checking it out. It's just before the Dart station on your left if you're driving into Howth or you can get off the Dart and walk back.

I used a recording of birdsong for the background audio to try and give an impression of the silence in there, no loud machinery noises anymore, or people barking out orders, just silence and the occasional bird song.

Shot on the JVC GC-FM1

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