"..It was a wild place. It was an undrained place. it was a naturally forested place." Jack Hargreaves' last Out of Town. Broadcast on Southern Television on 27 November 1981.
For sometime I thought this was the broadcast that went out on the day my stepfather died. I'm grateful to Ian Wegg for pointing out in a blog comment on 10 July 2010 that this broadcast was not JH's last which I have yet to hear and see. The broadcast aired on the day JH died - 15 March 1994 - was an episode of “Southern Gold” on Meridian, which Ian describes as a nostalgia series introduced by Fred Dinenage. "This episode" he writes "was dedicated to Jack and in it he made one last mini 'Out of Town' episode."
A sound only version is at:
Jack eschewed overt politics in his broadcasts, but note his signing off comment on population growth between 22.50 and the end of the clip.

There is chat about Out of Town on a Facebook page of that name. It may be of interest.

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