As I showed the crowd previously, I mean, '' The Float Market film '' in Thailand, I also want to present such a big contrast regarding with it. One represents the mass comparing to another wich plays the calm.

This film is very intrigant showing one of the famous Asian Monks in his meditation process. It's incredible how concentrate they are and how far they can transport their souls. Once you see it, easily you can describe it as a freeze sculpture, a stone, etc.

I did this film a few months ago when I was in Bangkok. I just found this temple and entered in as a curious man. After the first sight I only could fix my frame at the Buddha meditating. 1 hour at least inside of that and he did not move at all. Interesting to see it. Together with him a bunch of people also meditating. To be honest I don't understand too much about the ritual and its environment but fair enough and here it is.

I hope you guys enjoy it!

Cinematography - Luccas Soares

Music - Chinese Meditation Song, Thai Chi Ch'uan Way - Yoga

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