One Module, Self-Patched... MakeNoise MATHS.
MATHS OR out to ZDSP reverb.
for the muff wiggler "One Module, Self-Patched. GO!!!!!!" thread.

Patch details:
Self Patched MATHS Drone by VoltageCtrlR

Set CH.1 Rise and Fall to full CCW
Set CH. 1 Scaling/Inversion to 3 O' Clock
Set CH. 1 Variable Response to 10 O' Clock
Set CH. 4 Scaling/Inversion to 12 O' Clock
Patch EOR to CH. 4 Both In
Set CH. 4 Rise and Fall to full CCW
Set CH. 4 Variable Response to full CCW
Patch EOC to CH. 2 Signal In,
Set CH. 2 Scaling/Inversion to full CCW
Patch CH. 2 CH. 2 Signal OUT to CH. 3 Signal IN
Set CH. 3 Scaling/Inversion to full CCW
Engage both Activity/Cycle switches

Use the MATHS OR as the output and wiggle away on all the pots and experiment with the Sum Out patched to all open inputs of the module.

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