John Sturgeon, Conjunct ©1976
b&w, 5:00 minutes, mono

This highly edited tape of carefully composed images speaks clearly an inner world language of dream space and alchemical ritual. Sturgeon, as male principle, pours, boils, and mixes while enacting a centering diagram, metaphorically connecting various divergent elements to a central bowl with electric cables. From primitive animal urges for the female to a more consciously balanced union of the sexual energies of the self, there is a satisfying summing up of unlikely combinations, into penetrating symbols of a spiritual whole.

Date Completed: March 1976, Venice, California

"While made independently Shapes from the Bone Change (1975), the Two of Triangles (1975) and Conjunct (1976) can be viewed as a trilogy of works that outline and explore the identification of the anima, or female element, in the male psyche. It is about the rebirth of the unconscious." - Peter Goulds. L.A. Louver 1977

Reference Dream: November 24, 1974

Through a door, I see a dark haired female figure (appearing similar to a former lover) standing with her husband and child, or perhaps children. She is calling for me to join her in the room with her family. As I move towards her, I become aware of the space I am in – which is this smallish trapezoidal space, shaped almost like a truncated pyramid, but on its side. This room, though well lit, feels much too small for me… and somehow not right.

As I go forward, entering the larger space with the family, this room feels very homey and contains a hearth like in old-fashioned kitchens. The woman (whom I still feel I know) stands in the center of this rather square room, with her husband and children seated around a square table. She works over a round bowl on the table and her presence conveys a soft, warm and comforting sense as she beckons me to – come closer.

I am left wondering – is she mixing, cooking up, some further unity for me in this square space with a circular bowl – enlarging or righting of my pyramidal shape? - js

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