results from peter quint's lessons on delayed load renders. see peter quint - millions of particles. rather than a sphere i've used a logo. also, i've used dynamics to provide logo motion. lastly, the improved variety in the particle spray came from Macha's firehydrant hip uploaded on odforce.

designed and rendered in houdini. micropolygon renderer. 1 distant light and 1 dim ambient light. velocity motion blur active. background is a simple, static tif with noise added in houdini's composite context.

the smoke portion of peter's lesson, i've used instead the shelf tool, 'billowy smoke'.

writing out the particles during the wedge process took 3 days on a macpro i7 8core, with 10GB ram.

because of this experience, i've ordered more ram... ;)

thank you peter! thank you macha!

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