I was working in the apartment when it started to wobble as it sometimes does on the fourth floor.

A man outside shouted, "You feel it too?"

I went to the window. He was talking with a woman on the second floor of the next building.

"Call the Police," she said.

He was holding his phone. "No, I just talked to my girl. She felt it too. It's happening all over."

I decided it was time to go out for a sandwich.

Near the deli there was a truck filled with steel plates and a small crane. It was stopped in the middle of the street. The doors were open and the radio was on loud so everyone could hear.

~~ tremors ~~
~~ 5.8 ~~
~~ New York ~~

"I felt my truck start to wobble," the driver said. "And I was like, what's going on with my truck?!"

At the deli the guy who made my "veggie hero" sandwich said he didn't feel a thing. I think he must have been too light on his feet. You know, with the lunch rush.

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