That afternoon was a quiet day in New York City for Julia and I. One of the most swaying silences hung above us. Never mind the shrill of children dancing in the water of the Washington Square Park fountain. Never mind the bustle and swings of the tourists in a throng at the Highline. Never mind the blowing of manhole covers, the click of rain as it hit stone streets, the grumble of old bus engines crossing town from Chelsea to the Lower East Side. We were gentle, gentle.

We spoke very little. She asked how long I've been doing this film project. "Two years, now." I asked how I would find her. "Green shirt with a bird on it." All with our pants rolled up and our feet in gray fountain water. She's a much more serene person than I could ever be. And went she sang "Hollywood" in the midst of a surprised crowd, on one of the last summer days of New York City, she plucked and murmured very sweetly, very quietly. I could barely here her against the the surge of the ten-foot fountain beside her. Ah, but when I played back the recording, the voice was there. Very soft. "This is beautiful," I told her. Like a letter folded secretly and unfolded in an empty room.

She seemed grateful. She seemed surprised. But there was no mistake. I picked her for this project very specifically. Someone new, beautiful, and peaceful to slow New York City life from swallowing me up just yet.

Wanderer Session #67: Julia Read
Images, Sound, Edit by Kevin de Wilde
Music by Julia Read
Filmed in Chelsea, Manhattan, New York
August 2011

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