1. Savva. (procedural animates trees)
Forest generation system consists of custom Maya nodes for wind simulation and geometry shader for creating the tree itself. User can convert an ordinary model of a tree into the system-ready one with a script that calculates each leaf orientation and fixing point on a branch. Branches sway in the wind and leaves follow them accordingly.
Geometry shader can generate a huge number of trees at render time.

2 Wanted
module for simulating a special case scenario dynamics of glass debris. Specific shards can be set to stick to character's surface precisely. Shock wave from the impact affects shards around the collision area with a falloff. User can control all kinematic parameters.
Custom emitter creates particles in the regions where glass shards shift.

Debris generator is module for building debris from points of impact.

3. Wanted (Car Studio)
Car studio is real-time car simulation system. User animates only one null-object and all secondary animation: wheels rotation, suspension oscillation, are calculated by system. Forces are reconstructed from user defined trajectory. Dynamic module has been written with SSE Assembler.

4. Savva. (Eye system)
Eye generation system consists of two shaders and a setup script.
Geometry shader generates parametrized surface of an eyeball with round or slit pupil.
Texture shader is a procedural pattern of an iris and blood vessels.
Blood vessels pattern is seamless.
Script builds the whole system automatically.
User can control all of geometry and texture parameters.

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