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Welcome to the Lights Film School video tutorial on framing heights. In this video we'll discuss the importance of properly cropping your subject within a frame. Three common mistakes filmmakers often make when framing a subject are:

1. They leave too much 'room" above the subject's head which creates "dead space"
2. They fail to leave enough room above the subject's head "clipping" the top of their head with the top wall of the frame. While this may be advisable for some close-up shots, this is not advisable for medium or full shots.
3. They "cut off" or "amputate" their subject at the joints of their limbs.

Full shot

Medium full shot

Cowboy shot

Medium close shot

Close shot

Wide close up

Full close up

Medium close up

Extreme close up

Macro close ups

Shot on the Canon Canon 5D Mark II

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