When Dim Light announced their 7-inch release show at Brothers Lounge, I knew I had to film it. Dark country, dim bar, grainy video, Moscow mules — nothing better. The arcane plush and velour furnishings set up right next to aging wood paneling are a backdrop to the black hole of a corner where the occassional musician might appear. The place is so incredibly dark, I find myself constantly introducing myself to same people. It's so backlight, I think my eyes add grainy gain just to see what is going on. And in this void, I relax, sip a Moscow mule, play a round a pool and swim in the black ether.

It's an appropriate mood for Dim Light, whose music is the sound twin of the Brothers aesthetic. Based on 70/30 parts classic '80s punk and country, Dim Lights runs a set of envigorated punk with a lot of twang. Hard living seeps from singer Cooper Lakota Moon's lips and hard drinks enter those of the crowd. This tune, "Shake it Up," did just that with the crowd, which kicked it in high gear, dancing in the dark Saturday, Aug. 20. I would advise you to see Dim Light in the darkest venue you possibly can. It just feels right.

Link: hearnebraska.org/content/shake-it-dim-light-ingrained-video

Cameras: Andrew Norman, Angie Norman, Django Greenblatt-Seay, Andrew Roger

Edit: Andrew Roger

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