Backstage video of the shooting process for MEGA Rostov shopping center. The project of the video is called Summer Fashion. The main purpose is to show combination of lifestyle and fashion that MEGA brings to its customers. The video was broadcasted for a month in a chain of restaurants RIS.

Some words about the process.
10 fashion models have spent the whole day at the pool. As for the plot of the video models had to do the following: lay on the beach chairs, jump into the pool, swim under water, dance and have fun. Most of them found this job quite allure.

The film crew had quite a fun day at the second location. We have found a pool 2 meters deep. According to the plot the cashier lady had to come to the surface all dressed up and to walk to the customer lady. The emerge process was solved with a kitchen cupboard that was drowned by the crew members who used about 30 kg of weights. So the cashier lady had to step from a stool to the cupboard under the water. By the way, with the help of a crew member who was pushing her from behind under the water. The shooting of the scene took about 1,5 hour. It was rather cold.

The final video you can see here -

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