Broad Peak, K2 Daily Journal

11-07-06 - Rest Day - Sunny day at base camp
Sophie Denis summit Broad Peak July 25th, 2011

more about Sophie's expedition:
- Attempt #1 (summit scheduled June 26th) : We were climbing alpine style. During our summit push we got cut in a wind storm. We when down to Base Camp the same day
- Attempt #2 (summit scheduled July 6th): After going through a wind storm, we finally reached Camp 3. But no tent as waiting for us. Our tent got covered up y an avalanche. We had to go down
- Attempt #3 (summit scheduled on July 14th): Starting at 9:30pm, we climbed for about 13h and reached only 7900m. Snow was deep, and fixing rope took the team a long time, long enough to freeze my toes. I had a small frostbite at big toe, we had to go down. We when down to Base Camp (4800m) from 7900m
- Attempt #4 : SUMMIT. I summit on july 25th !

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