1' 30" preview clip from Roz Mortimer's NEVERLAND

For more info visit: wonder-dog.co.uk/nevland

2000, 13mins, DV transferred to 16mm, stereo

On the night of the 31st January 1953 a devastating tide rose and flooded the seaside towns of Essex. In this haunting documentary about loss, a woman takes us on a strange and fabulous journey through the deserted seafront of Southend-on-Sea, whilst a narrator tells the tale of the storm and its far reaching consequences.

The impact and experience of the flood is translated into a beautiful study of a lost culture at the mercy of a devastating and fascinating natural phenomenon.

In the deserted town she weaves her way amongst the strangest of all seaside attractions from Peter Pan’s Playground to Never Never Land; encountering white doves, butterflies and memories of lost children. Finally as the sun sets on an extraordinary day she rests in the Three Shells Café as her skirt weeps salt tears to the strains of Mahler’s Kindertotenleider.

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