The Prime Minister of Canada was William Lyon Mackenzie King and the President of the United States was Harry Truman. Top of the music charts was Nat King Cole's "I Love You For Sentimental Reasons". The atrocities of World War ll were yet to be fully comprehended. Life in Canada was thriving with a post war boom.

Dixie and Charlie, age 26 and 28, were married on May 20, 1946 at St. Mary's Cathedral in Winnipeg. Their wedding date coincided with Charlie's 28th birthday. They lived at 233 Wellington Crescent home of Dixie's parent's JJ and Dodie Gray. The home was custom built for JJ and Dodie in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright on the southern bank of the Assiniboine River. Mary Jane and I toured the perimeter of the home in the early 80's before it was torn down. It presently is an empty lot between two exclusive high rise apartments a stone's throw from Stradbrooke and Wellington Crescent. I pass the lot twice daily on my work commute and I often find myself daydreaming of that era. I imagine our parents strolling hand in hand down Wellington Crescent through Peanut Park perhaps humming Nat King Cole's beautiful "I Love You". Judith, born April 1, 1947, was their joy.

Charlie and Dorothy lived at 233 Wellington from 1946 to 1948. In 1948 they purchased a bungalow at 1434 Wellington Crescent and lived there until 1953. John, Mary Jane, and Jamie were all born while living at 1434 Wellington Crescent.

In the film Barney exits St. Mary's Cathedral with baby Judith, freshly baptized, cradled in his arms. Dixie, Jackie, Dodie and Elizabeth fuss with the blanket while Charlie records the event on celluloid. Jackie playfully builds a snowman with Charlie at 233. Elizabeth, Dodie, Dixie, and Robert sing around the piano. Robert completes a first coat of stain on the new "Knot Hole" and proves definitively that the damn door never did shut properly! The summer scenes take place on Coney Island and at the Kenora Rowing Club. The cottage on Coney was purchased by JJ circa 1940 and set the stage for summer bliss for decades to follow.

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