A fresh wind is blowing through the sometimes stuffy world of BI – analysts and practitioners have noticed, and call it “Discovery.” Business Discovery is more agile than traditional BI, leveraging in-memory technology, ease-of-use and effective visualization to put analytic capabilities into the hands of business users.

Just as many new users are excited by Business Discovery, some traditional BI practitioners really don’t know what to make of it. They worry about data quality and governance, among other issues.

In this session, Donald Farmer of QlikView (the product described by Gartner as the “the poster child for a new end-user driven approach to BI”) will tackle these issues head on. He will show how Business Discovery makes organizations more effective, and will discuss the strategies for compliance that match the agility of this new approach. In addition, we’ll explore tactical methods for integrating Business Discovery with more traditional data management initiatives.

You’ll come away with a fresh understanding of the power of Business Discovery and with some concrete ideas for implementing it effectively in your organization, whatever tools you use.

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