Six summer interns at Gensler decided to attack the problem of how to bring life back to the Deep Ellum district in Dallas.

They had been challenged with an open ended project: choose a downtown-adjacent neighborhood and develop its urban plan. Defining their own scope, the collaborative group produced a succinct, forward-thinking, multi-media project. The intent was to research, understand and present the dynamic condition of the Deep Ellum district, offer solutions, and forecast its future in the year 2030.

As a diverse group - one from China, one from India, one from Mississippi, and three from Texas - the team united their unique insights and talents to develop a cohesive concept. Each person took on different responsibilities. Sarah Hunter took on the role of researching urban planning elements, current city conditions and project strategy. Courtney Bolden and Rachel Rubin led the effort of historical research and developing renderings. YunYuan Deng and Pallavi Singla produced the future animations and 3D model. Katie Ogden was responsible for production of the video in After Effects.

The team presented innovative solutions to improve the urban design of the district, addressing parking, green space, transportation, and pedestrian-friendly schemes. What started out as a learning experience for six summer interns is now receiving recognition as a catalyst of change for an under-developed area of Dallas.

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