Video, HDV
16:9, 14'
Voice: Olivia Verev

Sewkopa combines a spoken text with a single shot. We see an open horizon which divides the image in half - a cloudy sky above, the wind-swept sea below. We hear a young female voice which at first seems to tell a story in a foreign language. The text she is reciting, however, consists only of non-existing words which just sound like they could exist. The text also seems to have an underlying grammar, which appears familiar to the ear. Clemens Wilhelm wrote this strange and ambiguous text, which on the one hand has the highest potential of meaning and seems almost sacred but on the other hand could also be discarded as absurd and utterly meaningless.
Confronted with this full and empty void one immediately starts to create a meaning, starts to interpret the text according to the expression and tone of the voice. In the same way, one begins to see patterns in the ocean's waves. The sound waves and the visual waves seem to come together, as one starts to drift off into one's own thoughts, lulled by the voice. Sewkopa's lack of decodable meaning confronts the viewer with himself/herself, in the same way as an abstract painting, a piece of music, a part of nature or an unknown language might do. The viewer's perception is mirrored by Sewkopa's audiovisual waves which creates a personal feedback.

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