The scandal of the century caught on tape. That tape is caught in a reality show, which is being showcased in a documentary, and everyone is Caught In Reality.

A Comedy Mockumentary short film made for the NYC 48 Hour Film Race.

Directed by: Brandon Cotter
DP/Producer: Shiseido Ruiz
Editor/Co-Producer: Noel Cordero


Billy Baraw (Grant West)
Vanessa Benson (Becca)
Brandon Cotter (News Anchor V.O.)
Alex Korman (Mark Le Clap)
Vivianne Medina (Reporter Monica Vera)
Celester Rich (Micky Sellers)
Kate Young (Connie West)


Sandy Soliman-Restaurant Customer
Karima Soliman-Restaurant Customer


Taylor Hibma (1st Cameraman/Boom Operator)
Jason Guzman (2nd Cameraman)
Anna Ramos (P.A)
Veronica Castro (M.U.A.)
Bilal Allawala (Photographer/Timelapse)

Music: Dark Intro-Sentinel & Cinematic Drums & Strings 2

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