A song that I was going to track out, but decided to do live instead. This song is still in it's "Rough draft" phase and it'll probably stay there haha. Thank you to all who watch and listen to the vid, hopefully I take you somewhere.

Sidenote: This is actually the first time i recorded anything (audio or video) when I was using the Vestax C1 turntable (def. basic / minimal in terms of use, but it's a big start for me; Still growing with it...Search Vestax Controller One and you'll find other dope artists utilizing it to fullest. Shouts out to them, ya'll know who you are; keep doin' it! Point Blank!).

Shouts out specifically to the homey DPAO and brotha' Teeko for the samples and overall inspiration for this song... Check them here:



Enjoy :)

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