"H2 Zero"
A movement installation with strong visuals that portray the political, social ,economical and physiological identity of water.Bodies interacting with the architectural structure of a space along with the use of empty plastic bottles and umbrellas create images that are a strong evidence of the present situation of the abundance,inadequacy, abuse and absence of water.

UB City Bangalore 15th august 2011

Devised by:

Deepak Shivaswamy
Veena Basavarajaiah

Collaborating artists
Akhshay Gandhi
Jayesh Sharma
Nayana. K. Bhat
Purnima . A. Kumar
Vinay Kumar

Collaborating photographers
Gomzy & Kay Kay

Virginia Rodrigues

Sound scape: In the video
Miscelanea Guitar Quartet
Kristal and Jonny boy
Matsumoto Mitsaki

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