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Let's see. What ingredients make this love story genuinely beautiful? Two words. John + Pauline. As you watch their love story unfold, be prepared to grab a tissue or two!

John & Pauline has got to be one of the most endearing and loving couples I've ever known. I am at lost for words of how inspired I am about their love story. They have such genuine souls and are a perfect example of how I want my love story to be.

I actually grew up with John. He was my role model. I was one of those kids who tagged along with the cool and older folks. Who knew years later I would be the one documenting his wedding. It's funny how things turn out huh? And as for Pauline, she is definitely a dreamer. She is adventurous and her head is always up in the clouds, she says. She's incredibly sweet and welcoming. She also made yummy food during one of the shoots. :)

The Premiere On The Wedding Day:
We always suggest to our couples that they don't see the film until day of the reception, and John & Pauline were up for it! This meant that it would be EVERYONE'S first time viewing it. Which made it more nerve wrecking for us!

The plan was to just hit play and let the film roll. But I ended up giving a quick speech and unexpectedly choked and started tearing up a bit. I guess it was from all the hard work and effort I put into this film for this special couple. Standing in the spotlight and presenting to hundreds of people was a bit emotional too. Eek!

The goal was to draw out emotions and to show everyone how beautiful this story is. It was also to inspire people as it inspired me. As evident by the friends and family in attendance, John & Pauline brought light to everyone around them. The audience's reaction was AMAZING. A lot of tears, a lot of laughter, a lot of love. That's how we would sum it all up. It was just one of those nights that you wish never ended. When we saw tears coming down peoples faces, right then and there we knew we've done our job. Especially when the guys start tearing. :)

So without further ado, please enjoy and be inspired by the love story of John & Pauline. :)

Shot & Edited: By Sonny Tang

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