As you can see in this photo I am kissing a basketball trophy. It is extremely significant to me as it was the first basketball tournament my squad and I have ever won. It is also significant to me because, to get into the grand final I shot the winning goal. That was amazing as there was five seconds to go and my teammate Caillin got a rebound, passed it to my other teammate, who passed it to me and I shot it and it went through the ring. Then the siren sounded and it was all over. We were the champions!

The lead up to the tournament was extremely intense. We had training three times a week and practised really hard because this was about our 3rd or 4th tournament so we were getting used to it. The girls that played in the squad were Brianna, Caillin, Alicia, Soraya, Poppy, Tathra, Rosie and I.

In this photo I am wearing my purple and gold Port Fairy Pacers uniform and I wore the number six. This was about one year ago when I was 10. I am the only one in the photo and I am kissing my trophy. We were at the Whittlesea basketball stadium and we were there to play in the Whittlesea City basketball tournament. In the background of this photo you can’t really see because the photo is in black and white, but the actual background is yellow and the seat I am sitting on is sort of a brown colour. My mum took the photo because we had won the grand final and we wanted to remember it forever.

This photo is very special to me and I never ever want to forget this photo.

Port Fairy Consolidated School
Name:Zoe Jane Grimshaw
Age: 11

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