Well this is just an hypothesis...

It is fear that always leads to failure
and I'm sure you'll agree with me
that mankinds greatest fear
is death.

Or at least it was...until it was discovered that splicing feline genes into human DNA would give us nine lives instead of one, singular, miserable existence.

In a short amount of time the integration of feline DNA was highly requested all around the world.

Initially, there was pandemonium...
Lives were wasted by taking part in extreme sports that ended with the players dying.
The possibility of experimenting with death lead to an explosive, obsessive curiosity in everyone which branched into diverse forms of perversion.

It would take a few years before the first "test subjects" began to show side effects.
Look at me. A cat's face and an absurd voice...however...the positive part of all this I leave for you all to discover in the years to come.

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