An investigative documentary telling the story of the only Nazi World War 2 aircraft carrier, the Graf Zeppelin through diver and author Steve Burke’s expedition to the wreck site. The ship was launched in 1938 but it was never completed, never used, taken by the Russians at the end of the war and eventually scuppered years later.
This will be the very first time a complete survey has been taken of the ship. It’s a highly specialised dive that will take Steve and his team to depths of 86 metres below the freezing Baltic Sea to find out what was so important about this war ship and what happened to it.
Historians argue that The Graf Zeppelin is an immensely significant wreck. At the time, the allied forces were extremely worried that it would prove to be one of the most dangerous weapons of the war. But today, it’s thought to be a monument to the hidden history of the Third Reich, providing evidence that Germany was not the monolithic super-state we all imagine but a fractious and paranoid one not prepared for war.
The wreck of the Graf Zeppelin will reveal a secret history of Hitler, a German armed forces riddled with in fighting, a navy that was poorly prepared for war with the rest of the world and classic German innovation in engineering and design.

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