The Cardiff Kook goes for a walk to the Seaside Market for a snack, and encounters the public who disdains him.

This charcoal animation was composed from over 2500 frames.

***The Magic Carpet Ride is the official name of a 16-foot high bronze statue of a surfer in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California, that locals have nicknamed the Cardiff Kook. The statue was commissioned by the Cardiff Botanical Society, and created by artist Matthew Antichevich, who is an Encinitas surfer and a teacher.

The statue was intended to depict a surfer performing a "(backside) floater", but the Botanical Society ran out of money, and thus the statue is missing any actual surf. His original design was in fact to be a female surfer on a breaking wave, but there was not the money for that, either, and the Botanical Society opted for a male surfer on a granite plinth, halving the amount of bronze required.

The Kook is intended, according to the artist, to represent the joy and awkwardness of a boy novice learning how to surf, in acknowledgement of the area's attraction for novice surfers.

The nickname comes from a derogatory surfer slang name for a "wannabe" surfer, and reflects the low opinion that locals and surfers have of the statue.

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