Warning: this is a home movie!!!

Every year we go away as a family for vacation abroad; this year we went to Sisi in Crete for 1 week. I decided to travel very light with just my Sony HX9V, Panasonic FT2/TS2 (for underwater use), Manfrotto Modo tripod and a glidetrack (which was rarely used). As I only had the Sony about 1 month I wanted to see whether it was feasible as a home movie camera and eventually be a lighter more portable alternative to my HV30. I think the little Sony holds up well. My only (continued) gripe is that even on a tripod at the long end of the zoom there is still some image wobble. However what I am amazed about is the IS which when using a tripod as a make shift steadicam can produce some incredible results.

This is just a very quick edit of footage in the style of a "video postcard" I shot during the week. I edited in FCPX: it seems to be very good for quick home movie style editing. The core of FCPX performance is very good (fast). But some of the features that are built in are lacking considerably. My notable pet hates are the "stabilisation" function which seems to make no difference at all, doesn't come anywhere close to warp stabiliser in After Effects, Colour Matching clips is extremely hit and miss, a lack of professional video effects. That only scratches the surface because colour correction is not obvious and I miss the ability to use Magic Bullet Looks. So for more complex edits I will be returning to Final Cut Express (of all things!).

One other strange thing I noticed with FCPX - it will not import Sony AVCHD files, but it will import Panasonic AVCHD-lite files. I use Aunsoft anyhow to convert to prores but still this is a strange quirk I can't figure out.

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